This is the linage for Michael John Harris
Husband: Johann Adolf
Born: 02 NOV 1649 in Halle, , Sachsen, Germany
Married: 25 OCT 1671 in Altenburg, Sachsen Altenberg, Thueringen, Germany
Died: 24 MAY 1697 in Weissenfels, , Sachsen, Germany
Wife: Johanna Magdalena Von Sachsen
Born: 14 JAN 1656 in Altenburg, Saxe Altenberg, Thueringen, Germany
Died: 22 JAN 1686 in Wei├čenfels, Sachsen-Anhalt, Deutschland
Father: Frederick William Ii Duke of Saxe-Altenburg
Mother: Magdalena Sibylle Von Sachsen
Spouses: Johann Adolf Von Sachsen; Johann Georg Christmann
01 (M): Bernard Chrisman
Born: 23 FEB 1682 in Wei├čenfels, Weissenfels, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
Died: 28 JUN 1736 in Sangerhausen, Sangerhausen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
02 (F): Sofie
Born: 02 AUG 1684 in Weissenfels, , Sachsen, Germany
Died: 09 MAY 1752 in Rosswald, Schlesien, Austria

Revised: 04/01/2018